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Welcome to erjob.com, a fast growing medical staffing board for the healthcare, biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries from across the US and around the world.  Top medical jobs in nursing, physicians, medical scientists, therapists, pharmacists, medical sales, biologists,  allied health, and many other medical related industry jobs.

 Our focus is to become the premier destination for healthcare professionals looking for rewarding career opportunities, as well as for the medical and pharmaceutical companies looking to recruit qualified sales, management, and marketing personnel.  - "The premier internet Site for Healthcare Careers".
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A Quarter of Uninsured Say They Can’t Afford to Buy Coverage
(MedPage Today) -- It's the most common reason given for refusing insurance. Read more

Ebola: Can It End Next Summer?
(MedPage Today) -- U.N. Secretary-General says West Africa epidemic will require accelerated respons Read more

PodMed: A Medical News Roundup From Johns Hopkins (with audio)
(MedPage Today) -- This weeks topics include manual versus mechanical CPR, duration of dual therapy Read more

D.C. Week: House Sues Over ACA; Generic Drug Prices Scrutinized
(MedPage Today) -- Boehner makes good on lawsuit threat. Read more

Boob Glue, Spilt Beer: That's Improbable!
(MedPage Today) -- A weekly report from our friends over at Improbable Research. Read more

Genes Predict Thombotic Risk
(MedPage Today) -- Screen for antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with autoimmune diseases. Read more

Non-Radiographic Axial SpA: A Women's Disease?
(MedPage Today) -- Symptoms similar in non-radiographic and radiographic axial spondyloarthritis. Read more

OncoBriefs: Hookah Risk, Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Alarming benzene levels in hookah smokers. Read more

This Week: Will IMPROVE-IT Actually Improve Cardiac Care?
(MedPage Today) -- Top stories for the week of Nov. 17, 2014 Read more

House Sues Obama Over ACA's Insurer Subsidies, Mandate Delay
(MedPage Today) -- GOP says administration's unilateral moves are unconstitutional. Read more

Hot Topics: Clinical Issues in COPD
(MedPage Today) -- What is the most significant issue for practice in COPD? Read more

Friday Feedback: Will IMPROVE-IT Trial Affect Primary Care?
(MedPage Today) -- Study cast ezetimibe plus statin in a new light. Read more

AHA: Regional Systems Get STEMI Patients Faster Treatment (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Groups collaborate to accelerate process. Read more

Tweet of the Week: Vintage Ads Put Today's Marketing Into Perspective
(MedPage Today) -- You think today's drug ads oversell? Check out Brain Salt. Read more

FDA Okays Abuse-Deterrent Hydrocodone
(MedPage Today) -- But abuse risks remain, agency and experts warn. Read more

Dementia Caregiver Burden Eased With In-Home Counseling (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Caregiver and patient outcomes better at affordable cost. Read more

Pricey Generics Draw Senate Scrutiny
(MedPage Today) -- Digoxin price tag triggers investigation. Read more

Many Statin Eligible Patients Aren't Getting Them (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Are older people disadvantaged by new guidelines? Read more

Marfan Study: ARB May Be Option
(MedPage Today) -- Still no "silver bullet" for Marfan syndrome. Read more

Hot Topics: Multiple Myeloma
(MedPage Today) -- Determining the optimal time for transplant procedures. Read more


AHA: Regional Systems Get STEMI Patients Faster Treatment (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Groups collaborate to accelerate process. Read more

Long-term Benefit With Stem-Cell Transplant in Scleroderma
(MedPage Today) -- But accurate patient selection is crucial. Read more

Study Links Ankylosing Spondylitis and CVD
(MedPage Today) -- AS patients face increased risk of cardiovascular death. Read more

TNF Inhibitors Not Tied to Higher Melanoma Risk in RA
(MedPage Today) -- Findings from analysis of 11 European biologic drug registries. Read more

Does an IUD and Family History Boost RA Risk?
(MedPage Today) -- RA-associated autoantibodies tied to IUDs in at-risk women. Read more

Gout May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
(MedPage Today) -- Study showed AD incidence higher over 5 years for patients without gout. Read more

Humira Benefits Persist in Spine Disease
(MedPage Today) -- Anti-TNF treatment efficacy maintained at 3 years in axial spondyloarthritis. Read more

New Periodic Fever Syndrome ID'd
(MedPage Today) -- Another genetic autoinflammatory disease identified by NIH researchers. Read more

Silica and Smoking Synergistically Boost RA Risk
(MedPage Today) -- Combination bumps up ACPA-positive arthritis risk eightfold. Read more

Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Is Rare With Denosumab for Bone Loss
(MedPage Today) -- Study finds risk very low, even with long-term drug therapy. Read more

Benefits of Actemra Appear Durable
(MedPage Today) -- But benefit diminishes when dose is cut. Read more

AHA: Prevention Down, Endocarditis Up in U.K. (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Are guidelines to blame? Read more


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